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About Full Membership

You will not be able to become a Full Member until you have completed your probationary membership.

Non FAC Holders may apply for Full Membership once they have completed a minimum of 10 attendances and 3 months probationary membership. 

FAC holders with experience in target shooting may apply much sooner than the 3 month minimum, subject to a PNC Check and a favourable reference from their previous rifle club.

Eligible members are proposed at the next available Committee Meeting.  If accepted, they will be notified of their approval and can apply for full membership on line.

Full membership lasts a year from 1st April to 31st March.  Anyone becoming eligible part way though the year will only pay a pro rata Full Membership subscription fee.

Full Members may shoot without supervision and attend all of the events that they are trained in.

Full members may also apply for a firearms certificate

Application Process

  1. Log in to the NSRA JustGo system
  2. Go to the Membership Tab on your profile
  3. Click on the Purple Club Membership tile
  4. Select the Blue CRPC Full Membership ticket
  5. Complete any extra questions or declarations
  6. Follow the payment instructions

Once you have paid your subscription fee, contact the Membership Secretary to say you have completed your application.  Your Blue Full Membership card will be prepared and left for you at the Club.

You must surrender your Red Probationary Membership Card when you collect it.