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CRPC has a very strong benchrest following.  Shooters are seated at a table and can use either small-bore target rifles or air rifles.  You can use a sling as in prone shooting, but most members support the rifle fore-end on a rest which makes BR a very stable, safe and accurate discipline.

A recently refurbished club rifle

Setting up for benchrest is a bit more straight forward in comparison to prone.  Support jackets can be used but you can also can wear regular clothing.  You can still use a shooting glove.  You are also allowed to use high powered telescopic sights.  This allows the shooter to be extremely confident in their accuracy and can benefit anyone who does not have perfect eyesight.

Side by side

Many shooters add a regulation sized support block under the fore-end of the rifle to help with stability.  As with prone, all rounds must be loaded singly.  Magazines are allowed but must be loaded with only one round at a time, so many air rifle shooters convert their rifles to use single pellet loading trays.

At a club competition

The NSRA specifies the rules about the type of support and shooting position that is allowed.  Full details are in the NSRA Rule book.  The NSRA has also produced an illustrated guide for clarification.

NSRA Clarification of Benchrest Rules Final.pdf